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tv   WFXR News First at Ten  FOX  February 29, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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trump on the stump.sot:as the presidential hopeful tries to win over virginia voters--nats chanting black lives matter. protesters interrupted-- and a member of the media battles with a secret service agent. details on what lead to the violent take down.alsofallen hero:sot: i always call this an officer's worse nightmare.a rookie virginia police officer- killed in the line of the community is honoring her.alsosize matters subway settles a class action lawsuit.why workers may pull out a ruler next time you
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count down to super tuesday - at your local election headquarters.virginia polling places will open at 7 o'clock tomorrow morningthe candidates are crisscrossing the state trying to gain last minute support.turn to 1 shotrepublican front runner donald trump held a rally today in radford.thousands packed into the dedmon center to hear him speak. but things out heated when protesters clashed both inside and outside of the stadium. 27-3548-521:22-1:30 where ever trump stumps... the crowd will follow. "is it fun to be at a trump rally"the line to get inside of his campaign event at radford university stretched into the horizon. some waited for two hours to hear his message.nats of trump while he gave his speech inside----demonstrators on the outside-- made sure their voices were heard. brian brumfield-horner/trump protestor:"he is appealing to some people. why do you think that is? because he is a phenomenal lair he is good at convincing people about his product but if you look at his record and his business he has failed at everything he has
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country too."the chants against trump did not go unchallenged. supporters quickly jumped to his defense. greg kessler/trump supporter "they are pieces of garbage and this country has had enough of people like that." cynthia mcinturf/trump demonstrator"he's not worthy to be our president. he never talks about the issues. he only talks trash." greg kessler/trump supporter:"trump is the only one who stands for this country."if you agree of disagree with trump's policies --- you must admit--- the billionaire has swag. ola klimczak/vendor:"we steal his ideas and put them on our shirts and sell them then we have cups make america great again." ola klimczak jumped on the trump band wagon after she noticing the huge crowds at his events. now she travels across the country selling trump merchandise.5502 donald trump is great for business that's why we follow. 5506 trump fire up the crowd by attacking rivals ted cruz and marco rubio. steven shoe/trump supporter:"i just don't think they're honest. honestly i don't trust them."steve shoe wants the establishment candidates to clear the road to the white house -- for trump. steven shoe/trump supporter:"he seems like someone you can trust and at least if he can't do everything he says i think he'll honestly try."trumps was interrupted by protesters at least five times. trump: "i was just about to give my punch line."nats of protesters
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against him were escorted out hecklers but he needs to stop trying to be a stand up supporters hope he can bring the country together. a secret service agent allegedly grabbed a photographer by the neck and slammed him to the ground at the trump rally.take a look at this video of time magazine photographer chris morris wrestling with the secert service agent.morris was trying to leave the media staging area-- to talk to protestors who were being kicked out of the event. eventually the time magazine phtographer was tossed to the ground and he started kicking at the agent.he was restrained by police and escorted out of the is what morris had to say about the clash. i never punched him. i never
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tired to show the press lead what he did to me and i said he chocked me and i put my hand on him and that's when i was arrested.morris was detained and questioned by police before being released. no charges have been filed-- but the case is being investigated. despite the sideshow - trump moved forward with his rally - winning some undecided voters - on the eve of super tuesday. our chief political correspondent bill wadell - picks up our team coverage. 00:53 - 00:5701:05 - 01:13in a presidential race - far from boring. donald trump. "if i pick up new york or michigan, it's over folks. it's over." local supporters insist - donald trump - can solve america's problems. "are you ready to go vote tomorrow and sweep super tuesday for donald trump and make us the nominee." "his civility. its rests in what he is doing and what he will do to restore true decency to this country's governance.""vote and make sure your voice is heard." donald trump... told the crowd - he'll reignite america's economy - and prevent jobs from going overseas. officals at radford say they wer enot an official host of the rally - and that the trump campaign paid to rent the dedmon center. donald trump "i went to the wharton school of finance. good student, did all of that stuff. you all have good educations. some of you don't. you don't need education to know this. we lost our jobs, we lose our money, we lose everything." some of the biggest cheers coming when donald trump said he will protect the second ammendment and bring back
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and as the republicans make their rounds - hillary clinton gets a big lead over bernie sanders. will clinton beat out sanders away on *super tuesday*?- details at 10:30. for more on candidate or to find out your polling location- head to our website virginia
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local election headquaters. this wednesday- accused killer jesse matthew junior is expected to make a plea deal. matthew is accused of killing two virginia college students. the office of the commonweath's attorney-- in ablemarle county says-- a plea agreement is scheduled for wednesday.officials say this plea will resolve both the hannah graham and morgan harrington abduction and murder cases.he's already serving life in prison for a sexual assault in fairfax county. in roanoke county - investigators released more details about the teen killed by police on friday.police say 18 year old kionte deshaun spencer- had what appeared to be a gun in his hand-- when they responded to a call for service near electric road and brambleton avenue. police say they asked him to drop his weapon- but he did not..then the officers used tasers-- but they say-- it didn't work. police say-- thats when two police officers opened fired. one shot hit spencer in the shoulder and the other hit his chest. police later found out-- the weapon was a b-b-
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hospital where he died. "you saw what our officer saw in his hand, that is a potential deadly encounter. and at this point, our investigation, in the case our officers responded within their training."there are 2 separate investigations into this is an internal prob. the other is a criminal investigation. around the commonwealth- the funeral for officer ashley gwin-den who lost her life in the line of duty- is scheduled for tomorrow.a police car in prince william county was transformed into a memorial with flowers, signs and messages.officer gwin-den was killed, one day after she was sworn in after responding to a domestic violence call.two other officers were also shot and are recovering.the accused shooter- ronald hamilton was arraigned today- and is being held without bond.police say hamilton's wife was found dead inside the house.he is facing several charges including capital murder.
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case than this. i always call this an officer's worse nightmare, to go on a routine call and wind up dead. that's something the people don't appreciate about our police officers and what they face every day. they may not be the nicest people when they deal with others, but people have to understand that."tonight the fallen officer is remembered in her hometown- that story coming up at 10:30. an update to the tornado damage in appomattox county. officials say all roads have been cleared of debris- and are open to traffic. sunday- more than 15 hundred meals were served by mercy chefs and tysons.nearly 250 volunteers assisted with clean up and recovery efforts.volunteer agencies are still working with local officials to provide on-site support. officials also say- they are no longer accepting clothing or water.for details on supply pickup for victims, and what items you can donate- head to our website- virginia first
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coming up next-all the buzz of beekeeping!tonight as we go out and about- we talk with a beekeeper about why his job is so important. and- sometimes joining future farmers of america- can help your career!coming up in tonight's ag life report- we spoke to a farmer- who explains how the program helped him.john. mild and breezy monday, but a return to wintry weather is around the cornermonday was a rare day in the gregorian calendar as it was a leap day of leap year, the day we catch
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mild and breezy monday, but a return to wintry weather is around the cornermonday was a rare day in the gregorian calendar as it was a leap day of leap year, the day we catch up to the solar year .overnight...mostly clear. cooler with lows in the mid 30s. lightand variable winds. .tuesday...sunny in the morning...then becoming partly sunny.highs in the lower 60s. south winds 10 to 15 mph. gusts up to30 mph in the afternoon..tuesday night...rain showers. breezy with lows around 40. south winds 15 to 20 mph with gusts up to 35 mph...becoming southwest15 to 25 mph with gusts up to 45 mph after midnight. chance ofrain 80 percent..wednesday...mostly sunny. a chance of rain showers with a slightchance of snow showers in the morning. little or no snowaccumulation. breezy and much cooler with highs in the mid 40s.northwest winds 15 to 25 mph. gusts up to 45 mph in the morning. chance of precipitation 30 percent..wednesday night...partly cloudy in the evening...then becomingmostly cloudy. much cooler with lows in the mid 20s. northwestwinds 10 to 15 mph with gusts up to 25 mph..thursday...partly sunny. highs in the mid 40s. .thursday night...rain likely. snow likely...mainly in the evening. little or no snow accumulation. lows in the lower 30s.chance of precipitation 60 percent.
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highsin the lower 40s. chance of snow 50 percent..friday night...partly cloudy. lows in the upper 20s. green living is a trend that has more gardens growing, more rain barrels collecting water and compost piles popping up in backyards.piles popping up and compost collecting water rain barrels growing, more has more gardens is a trend that green living the upper 20s.cloudy. lows in night...partly .friday snow 50
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green living is a trend that has more gardens growing, more rain barrels collecting water and compost piles popping up in backyards. as part of that organic way of life ... it's not all that uncommon to head over to a neighbor's house and see beehives in the. tonight, as "out and about goes organic" we find ourselves smack in the middle of tens of thousands of bees. 00-05 nats/bees buzzing these honey bees are too busy to pay attention to nats/47:15-they're not interested in stingin' ya. nats/buzzing while the sound - of tens of thousands of bees - can be intimidating to those of us not quite used to mingling with these tiny pollinators with stingers ... 40:00-we have six full-sized hives. it's obvious, jerry borger feels right at home. 12:30-i put in an orchard just before we moved here, didn't know if there were bees to pollinate, got bees, and just got hooked, they're so fascinating. he's a past president of the new
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association. ... and very willing to share his knowledge - as well as his hive with just about anyone willing to suit up and head in. 12:48-bees have been doing this forever. they really don't need us in one sense. however, the job of beekeeper is to learn what the bees are telling us by their actions and behavior,what we need to do, or not do, to help them maximize their numbers and their honey production. he clearly loves every minute of it.13:10-that's the challenge, that's the game, that's the hook! it's good to know he had the confidence i wouldn't ... well, break his bees... nats/32:55-as soon as you lift it up, stick your finger under the ear. and let me handle one of the hives.nats/33:26-now this is beautiful, like the colors over here, it looks like art. nats/33:55-the different colors come from the different sources the bees visited for their pollen while the amount of information made my head spin ...34:34-the pollen that makes all the colors, that's where they'll add their enzymes and eventually turn into honey? no. nectar is what they turn into honey. pollen is the bees source of protein. all the pieces eventually started to click ...27:58-it's gooing over, is that more drone? yep. i even showed off my prowess - finding the queen in a hive he recently rescued.52:45-is that the queen? yes, there she is. 13:17-in addition to just keeping the bees, in addition to harvesting honey, there are so many things you can do and try with bees. you can try raising your own bees, you can sell honey, you can sell products, candles, lotion bars, you can harvest pollen. as for venturing out on
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...14:14-i would say don't just find someone who sells bees, get it and jump in with no knowledge. finding a mentor, jerry says, is a great way to start ... and there's a lot of people, like himself, who love what they do ... and love to share what they know.
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he told me if you talk with 10 different beekeepers - you will get 11 different opinions. the take-away ... there's a lot of different ways to go about it - don't be afraid to try new things. coming up-building a foundation - starts at a young age.why one farmer credits a farming organization for his successful career. and coming up at 10:30- a man decides to cast his vote for the first time- the personal reason why he says this
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the future farmers of america helps some decide their perfect career path.wfxr's sophia borrelli spoke to one farmer- who says the group helped him build a foundation for a successful farming
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0:15 - 0:340:35 - 0:42 feeding the cows is something brian bennett has been doing pretty much his whole life. as part of the 4-h and f-f-a clubs he learned the foundation of his career, and says future farmers of america built his leadership skills to run the farm.brian bennett/part owner knoll crest farm: "through those programs and projects, you had to keep
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and seed and diseases and what not. and certainly they play a big part in our everyday management of our forage program here on the farm." standup: brian is co-owner of his families cattle farm, but when he was in 4-h he actually first started out with sheep. brian bennett/part owner knoll crest farm: "sheep were a little bit easier to handle built that flock up to about 60 or 70 animals by the time i was in high school and was able to sell if you want to learn more about the future farmers of america and how you can get involved- head to our website virginia first dot com- and click on the ag life tab. coming up-help save the next a local beauty salon is raising money for the organization- in tonights
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grieve the virginia officer -- killed just hours into her first shift.ashley guindon was killed saturday while responding to a domestic violence call in prince william county.rhondella richardson got reaction from those in her new hampshire home town.
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the merrimack nh home of 28 year old ashley guindon, the police officer killed in virginia.her high school prinicpal ken johnson remembers guindon as a cheerleader before high school and a u-s marine afterward. her final year book thought reads "live for something rather than die for nothing." "the irony is a bit overwhelming. a kid who gives her life to community service only to have it taken away the very first day.that's just not fair."sworn in to the prince williams county police dept on friday.ashley guindon was shot and killed the next day responding to a domestic violence call on her very first shift, the night shift. "they approached the front door of the home and the subject inside the home, later identified as the accused, opened fire."32 year old ronald hamilton/of woodbridge, virginia has been arrested for capital murder.he's accused of killing guindon and his own wife and accused of shooting two other officers.merrimack nh police this morning lowered its flag and escorted guidon's mom and aunt to the airport for the trip to virginia.the police dept's sign offers its support to the family,"it's horrible. it's an absolutely tragic thing for any police officer to have to deal with." two communities greives the
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that was rhondella richardson reporting. governor mcauliffe has ordered the virginia state flag be flown at half-staff over the state capitol tomorrow for officer gwen-din. one of the most devisive issues on the campaign trail is immigration. today at donald trump's campaign rally at radford university, there were supporters and protestors on his stance securing the u-s borders. wfxr's paris holmes spoke to a father who believes trump's plan is the best fit for the country. "what's going to happen lord my son i won't forget. i'm heading down this road saying trump for president " 57 year old kraig moss has never voted
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reason too. i've always worked. i've always been prosperous." but this year he's casting a ballot for donald trump. "on heavenly highway please don't forget to vote donald trump for president"and using his voice to encourage others to do the same..... he's been following the trump campaign and at his rallies in memory of his son rob. rob died from a herion overdose two years ago when he was only 24 years old. "since my son passed from that heroin stuff i'm saying you know i gotta do something." moss believes one of the reasons why his son became addicted to heroin--aside from just having the wrong friends- is because too much drugs is flowing into the country because of our unsecure borders. he believes trump's position on immigration reform will change that. in fact, he says trump guranteed him it would. "he assured me when he becomes president of the united states that he will protect our borders and stop or slow down to a small trickle the incoming drugs into this country." but not everyone is so sure. "that apparently there is a secret tape the new york times editorial board has of donald trump saying that he doesn't believe what he's saying about immigration. that all of promises to secure the border are not real. and if he's president he doesn't intend to do what he said." "what he's trying to carry out is a scam to take control of the presidency and the conservative movement."and
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trump at all...... nat but despite that moss will continue to support trump. his next stop columbus, ohio where trump will make an appearance and where moss will to bring himself comfort and spread his message. in radford, paris holmes, wfxr news. moss also says after he finshes following trump's campaign he will be making a c-d with all trump campaign songs. there is much less mystery on the democratic side of super tuesday.ed henry reports- 865 delegates are on the table -- and hillary clinton is trying to gobble up most of them. 0:39-0:44 1:17-1:25 hillary clinton feels like she hillary clinton feels like she is finally in the driver's seat for the democratic nomination... poised for big victories tomorrow on super tuesday after cruising in south carolina... so now she's looking past bernie sanders and training her fire on republican frontrunner donald trump...clinton says: "america
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america whole." despite clinton's efforts to position herself as a uniter, a civil war broke out in the democratic party this weekend. as congresswoman tulsi gabbard endorsed sanders and resigned her post as vice chair to democratic national committee chairwoman debbie wasserman schultzgabbardi/isays: "i can not remain neutral any longer. the stakes are just too high." the lawmaker clashed with wasserman-schultz about whether the d-n-c was coddling clinton with too few debates... and gabbard has used her background as a military veteran to question whether clinton was too interventionist as secretary of state the endorsement gives the sanders campaign a desperately-needed shot in the arm as his aides also announced today they're closing in on raising forty million dollars in the month of february alone... and since democrats do not have winner-take-all states .... sanders walked away with 14 delegates from south carolina despite being blown out by nearly 50 pointssanders says: "we got decimated. the only positive thing for us is we won the actually -- the 29 years of age and younger vote. and that was good. but we got killed" in an interview with fox, sanders' campaign manager jeff weaver claimed south carolina was clinton's high- water mark... and said their battle plan is to win tomorrow in super tuesday states like oklahoma and minnesota... where the senator has drawn huge crowds clinton is trying to cut into
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is trying to cut into sander's lead with college students... today she went to george mason university ...where she's polling well. in tonights local good news report-roanoke salon is helping save the next girl by donating their time and resources. tonight the les cheveux salon and day spa, offered manicures, pedicures, facials, massages, and haircuts at a discounted price. money raised from those services went to help save the next girl. bruce bryan/help save the next girl: "all these beauticians and hair stylists and everybody. they're giving what they can give and i think that's the message, is that if people just do what they can do where they are, then we can
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organizers say the money raised will help to give supplies to college and high school chapters of the club around the country. coming up-when it comes to sandiwches- size matters.the promise from subway- to its customers.
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cooler with lows in the mid 30s. light and variable winds. .tuesday...sunny in the morning...then becoming partly sunny.highs in the lower 60s. south winds 10 to 15 mph. gusts up to30 mph in the afternoon..tuesday night...rain showers. breezy with lows around 40. south winds 15 to 20 mph with gusts up to 35 mph...becoming southwest15 to 25 mph with gusts up to 45 mph after midnight. chance ofrain 80 percent..wednesday...mostly sunny. a chance of rain showers with a slightchance of
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little or no snowaccumulation. breezy and much cooler with highs in the mid 40s.northwest winds 15 to 25 mph. gusts up to 45 mph in the morning. chance of precipitation 30 percent..wednesday night...partly cloudy in the evening...then becomingmostly cloudy. much cooler with lows in the mid 20s. northwestwinds 10 to 15 mph with gusts up to 25 mph..thursday...partly sunny. highs in the mid 40s. .thursday night...rain likely. snow likely...mainly in the evening. little or no snow accumulation. lows in the lower 30s.chance of precipitation 60 percent. .friday...a chance of snow in the morning. mostly cloudy. highsin the lower 40s. chance of snow 50 percent..friday night...partly cloudy. lows in
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subway customers can soon he sure their "footlong" sandwich is as long as promised. a judge last week granted final approval to a settlement of a class action lawsuit. the suit was file against the sandwich maker after a teenager posted an image to facebook of his
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inches. subway has agreed to to take steps to ensure its bread is at least 12 inches long... including requiring franchisees to use a tool for measuring bread. the acc women's basketball tournament gets underway this week in nearby greensboro, north carolina... virginia tech and uva are both hoping for a deep run that could help them later for possible postseason play... we'll tell you what to expect
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march madness gets started for acc women's basketball on wednesday with the annual conference tournament in greensboro... jermaine ferrell gives us a preview of virginia tech and virginia in the basketball bonanza. 01-0525-2943-481:08-1:13 1:28-1:33the acc regular season is over for the women.
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attention to greensboro for the acc tournament which starts on wednesday. the virginia tech hokies will be playing on opening night. they will be the 11th seed and they will play the 14th seed in boston college. that game will tip off at 6:30 on wednesday night. the virginia tech hokies are fired up about trying to make a run like they did last year. they did pretty well last year in the acc tournament. i am not really nervous but i am really ready to win our first game and get that first jitter out of the way. this is the best women's tournament and league in the country. and they do everything first class. and the tournament is the best for women. so to be honest i have been so focused on the past few games i haven't really thought that far ahead. and other to know that we are looking forward to playing. meanwhile the virginia cavaliers they earned a bye and they are the 9th seed and they will play the 8th seed in the duke blue devils in a quaterfinal match up which will take place in greensboro on thursday. and the virginia cavaliers are excited to have all of their players back. lauren is sick she will be back. she will be healthy we have faith. our guards have been playing all year. so we are going in with a full squad. tournament time is just another season. we have a clean slate. you are going in with a purpose to win games that is our objejctive. it is a wonderful experience. it is a different environment when you get there. you have to come in with a different
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play. everyone want to get those w's so it is about making as little mistakes as possible. and fighting till the end and doing the little things that matter the most. the little things are important. so there you have it. it is tournament time. march madness is here. the acc tournament tips off wednesday in greensboro. virginia and virginia tech looking to being home an acc title. reporting from blacksburg. jermaine ferrell, wfxr sports. coming up... the salem civic center is the place to be this weekend if you love high school basketball... we'll check out the state quarterfinal matchups... and vmi closed out the regular
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leading mocs of chattanooga... highlights from that game are
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the lineup for this weekends state quarterfinals games the salem civic center is out... it includes 9 games and is loaded with talent... it's a solid triple header on friday beginning at 5:00 with dan river facing grensville county... then it's back to back girls games with carroll county and hidden valley in action... both of those are excellent teams...then it's the mega schedule on saturday... so much good basketball starting at 11 am with william fleming looking to make a trip back to the state finals... altavista playing back to back games after that... then it's an incredible lineup to end things with radford, martinsville and northside wrapping up the action on saturday night... for another look at the schedule check us out online at virginia first dot com... to cameron hall we go with vmi hosting the socon leading mocs of chattanooga in the final regular season game...1. the keydets looked good early... julian eleby drives... dishes to philip anglade for 2... vmi up 7-1...
10:53 pm
pressure on... they break the press... adrian rich hits the jumper to keep vmi on top in the first...3. qj peterson was putting points on the board... this 3 pushes the lead out to 5... he led everyone with 21... 4. the mocs jump in front late in the first... dee oldham drains the triple...vmi had a 3 at the buzzer to win it that didn't go in... the keydets
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we'll be right back "jabba" the hedgehog tipped the scale at more than four pounds when he arrived at a wildlife center- nearly three times the weight of the average now- he's on a diet of liquid dog food. his previous owner overfed him. in fact- jabba was so overweight- he wasn't able to curl in a ball. he is making progress- today he's just over three-and-a-half pounds and
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roll into a ball. (sighs) (panting) wow. that was great. good, i'm glad. wait, wait, wait. you're glad? yeah. i knew it. there was no "gaa." "gaa"? when the sex is working for you, you try to say "god," but it comes out "gaa." and this time, there was no "gaa." charlie...
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and i'll tell you another thing. you usually grab my ass like you're holding a tree trunk in a hurricane. just now, it was more like you were palming a couple of cantaloupes at the supermarket. fireworks don't have to go off every time for me to enjoy it. oh, please, fireworks is the whole point of the exercise. otherwise, all you've got two naked people humping on a stairmaster. sometimes it's nice just being close. nice being close. great. now i know what it's like to be my brother. would you stop it. no, this is the beginning of the end. first our sex life goes to hell, then we start eating dinner at 4:30, watching reruns of "dr. quinn, medicine woman," and at 9:00 we shake hands, pee, and go to sleep. then around midnight i get up to pee again. quit making such a big deal out of it. just because every once in a while i don't have an orgasm...


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